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Individual therapy  |  Family and group therapy  |  Group therapy
  |  EMDR Intensive 

Hypnosis  | Consultation for Clinicians  |  Executive Coaching

Focus Areas

  • Stress reduction methods

  • Medical illness of any kind: cancer, cardiac, diabetes, auto-immune illness, pain, migraines

  • Working with the expatriate community and humanitarian organizations/employees

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Recent and long-term traumatic experiences

  • Depression

  • Anxiety/phobias

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Work stress and career challenges

  • Performance anxiety/procrastination

  • Life transitions/crisis

  • Women’s issues including pregnancy and postpartum difficulties

  • Sexual trauma, assault, harassment

  • Military personnel and their families

  • Aviation psychology

MACH 3 Group Therapy *NEW*

Dr. Amanda Roberts is offering new EMDR group using a cutting-edge, breakthrough procedure called Mach 3. This group is radically different to a traditional talk therapy group where participants share their traumatic experiences. in fact, this is discouraged in order to avoid unintended triggering or any accompanying social anxiety. Instead, processing of toxic memories occurs painlessly and rapidly in a manner of minutes and results typically hold.


Participants still however receive the benefits of a group experience, along with a more far more affordable approach than individual therapy. The group meets four times and the cost per group is $85/session. Please contact me for a 20-minute screening interview.

Consultation for Clinicians

I provide consultation to other EMDR clinicians individually and in groups. You can work towards your certification, consultancy status, and receive ongoing support for your clinical practice. Group consultation is also a good way to network and support your clinical community of colleagues. Please contact me for more information.

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis is an ancient healing technique that is used for a variety of difficulties including pain, anxiety, insomnia, various medical issues and psychological complaints. When used responsibly and skillfully, hypnosis is safe, effective and enjoyable. It can resolve many longstanding and treatment-resistant conditions by accessing unconscious abilities and knowledge within. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis where the recipient remains in complete control of their faculties and actions. We all enter various forms of trance throughout the day as a matter of course as we move through our lives. Hypnosis is the art of utilizing this ability for therapeutic purposes through deep absorption and focused awareness with the guidance of a skilled clinician.

EMDR Intensives

Due to the efficiency of this approach, people generally find that it is more cost effective than the once a week method. Sessions can be two or more hours a day for up to two weeks. Some may wish to lengthen the course of treatment. Cost of this approach is $5,000 and is due at the time of enrollment.

Executive Coaching

For business leaders and professionals throughout the USA and internationally


The demands and stressors on professionals, executives and business owners are unique and substantial. Many find that consultation with an experienced entrepreneurial business owner, such as myself, in a neutral, supportive coaching relationship can be exceedingly helpful.

The demands of your profession, as well as other peoples’ perceptions of you as dependable and an unbreakable leader, place you in very challenging territory and sometimes a vulnerable position. An unrelenting workload, with high stakes outcomes along with non-negotiable deadlines can place many executives at risk for long term secondary medical issues and psychological burnout.

I have worked in Silicon Valley as part of Employee Assistance Programs and prior to becoming a psychologist worked in several high-pressured law firms. I am personally familiar with the pressures of the corporate lifestyle and the emotional and psycho-social toll it can take on the individual and his/her family. I have provided coaching and consultation on leadership issues, personnel challenges and the development of a business vision for close to three decades.

Contact me to discuss fees and schedule a consultation.

Aloe Leaves

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.


- Dalai Lama

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