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Many issues can be treated with EMDR

EMDR therapy is powerful and works rapidly when applied correctly by an experienced clinician. Undergoing EMDR therapy is a more cost-effective form of treatment than talk therapy, which often takes years, because it is typically a shorter duration treatment and yields lasting transformative results.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not a mental illness, it is a psychological injury. Symptoms of PTSD include nightmares, flashbacks, hyper-vigilance, avoidance, a feeling of numbness, reactivity and intrusive thoughts, emotions or images in response to life threatening experiences. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and/or other changes in sleeping, eating, concentration, difficulties in relationships and problems functioning normally you could benefit from EMDR therapy.

The Mol study found that a large majority of people who did not experience life threatening events are still traumatized and remain untreated. Many who are traumatized may not perceive that they have been and live with unnecessary sub-clinical symptoms that predispose them to future mental health and medical complications when left untreated. Trauma can express itself in one large obvious big ‘T’ event or an accumulation of small ‘t’ traumas.

When a person sustains a wound the immediate course of action is to cleanse the area to prevent future infection. This is also the case with a psychological injury where early intervention will forestall a cascade of additional future problems. We view this as a ‘stitch in time’ and this metaphor illustrates the importance of early EMDR intervention.

Many people wonder if EMDR therapy is effective when offered online. The answer is an emphatic "yes!" Countless patients have obtained relief over the course of millions of "patient hours" over the past two years throughout the pandemic and in some cases the process works even better online for various clinical reasons. The patient is self-administering and self-pacing eye-movements/bilateral stimulation rendering the processing safer and more comfortable. Many are reporting that they prefer the convenience and efficiency of online sessions in lieu of face 2 face treatment.

Is EMDR right for me?

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EMDR Intensives

This is a more concentrated way of working with issues and can yield faster relief and more efficient work in a shorter period of time than the traditionally slower method of only once a week. With this model you can complete the equivalent of 6 months (or more) worth of work within two weeks. Patients often remark on how this approach is so transformative. Learn more about this service.

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