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How I Work

My approach to our sessions

COVID-19 is dominating our lives and changing the world. This requires us to be flexible, adaptable and resilient in the face of uncertainty and challenge. I have a specialty in Behavioral Medicine/Health Psychology which focuses on managing the psychological and physical ramifications of illness. This is an essential and relatively rare skill set in the mental health community. Fear is as contagious as this coronavirus and we must manage our anxieties in adaptable and creative ways.

I have been described as creative, passionate, fearless, with an easy humor and a deep commitment to the welfare of my patients. I subscribe to the belief that effective therapy is a result of a close partnership where we work together to focus on building your strengths and resiliency and teaching you how to be the author of your own life.


My approach is solution-focused and collaborative, with the goal of helping equip you with tools for living your life more joyfully and freely. We will work together on identifying the ways to increase your problem-solving skills and further develop your strengths. Some of the work will focus on self-regulation strategies and a variety of ways to contain and manage strong emotions. A good amount of time may be spent on psych-education and empowerment.

Our goal will be to transform problems into assets and liabilities into strengths. In many instances you already carry the solutions, but merely need guidance to realize this and implement targeted strategies.


It is the quality of the therapeutic relationship – the level of dedicated effort and a trusting connection - that delivers the most curative treatment. Our work together can be short-term

or longer-term according to your needs, motivation and availability.


In addition to my clinical practice treating patients, I have an additional specialty teaching, and providing consultation and mentorship to other EMDR clinicians. I work extensively with humanitarian organizations and the expatriate community.

I specialize in the treatment of patients suffering from long-term trauma and recent traumatic/adverse events with ongoing traumatic stress. An additional specialty is working with the psychological ramifications of medical issues, a branch of psychology known as Behavioral Medicine or Health Psychology. I have successfully worked with treatment resistant medically unexplained symptoms as well as chronic migraines, pain, cardiac, auto-immune, eating disorders and cancer.

Almond Tree Flowers

Love is not love

Which alters when it alteration finds,

Or bends with the remover to remove.

- Shakespeare

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