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Personal Bio

Adventurer, Educator, Humanitarian

I am British, I was born in Africa, lived in Europe, the United Kingdom and grew up in Hong Kong. I also come from an international family of lawyers, judges and peace-builders. 

A well-lived life is one dedicated to loving and leaving an enduring legacy that will leave the world a better place than it would have been without you. This involves generativity and a disciplined approach to realizing your dreams. I have a personal standard by which I try to live which is to never live in fear or doubt or allow others to limit the scope of my dreams.


We live in a world of injustice, racism, intractable violence and hatred. Wars and conflict are the legacy of these evils and at the root of all of them lays trauma. Untreated trauma is the engine that drives them. As the daughter of a former Chief Justice, I stand for a particular kind of justice. Distributive justice concerns itself with the equal and fair distribution of resources, healthcare, clean water and all that is good in our human global village. My humanitarian efforts revolve around this very goal of access to mental health care, resiliency, and wellness education.  

cockpit AR.png
I am a general aviation pilot, an aspiring disciple of flight, a mother, a staunch friend, a dedicated meditator, a lifelong athlete and a passionate humanitarian. I love my career, regard my work as a calling not just a job, and I cannot imagine another profession. I am an outdoors person and find solace and comfort in nature and its wonders.

Do something each day that frightens you.

Small Plane

I believe in living one’s life fearlessly and with compassion and integrity.


Friends know me as witty, bubbly, humorous and extroverted.

I believe in loyalty and always taking the high road even when it is difficult or met with criticism.

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